Terms & Conditions

1. Only one account per email address allowed!

2. Websites and text ads must be submitted in English!

3. We DO NOT accept sites with porn, adult content, warez, illegally copied software or offensive (hate) content. WTC will be the sole decision maker when approving or disapproving your Website!

4. WTC WILL NOT accept websites with more than one popup. That popup cannot open new popups!

5. Your website must not attempt to automatically download files!

6. Your website MUST not break frame and MUST be able to be shown in them for some of our ads!

7. WTC does not accept url rotators, redirects or trackers (affiliate links accepted). Your link MUST open to the domain submitted to be accepted!

8. WTC offers a non-tangible digital advertising service, we do not issue refunds once the services are rendered!

9. WTC may set cookies for your web browser as you visit our website and/or use our services. Cookies are pieces of information stored in files that Web servers store on your computer when you are browsing. These pieces of information allow servers to recognize your computer the next time you visit their sites. Cookies are not viruses and cannot cause direct damage to your computer system in any way!

10. WTC reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time!!